IT & Blockchain Technology

Use Cases

Creation of a secure and immutable ERC20 token on the blockchain.

As a mean of purchase of unique tokens mirroring real-world places.

As a gameplay and promotion reward for participating in the building of the World Metaverse.

Utility token used as a reward for staking Non-Fungible Tokens.

As mean to Crowdfund and Reward Ethical Green Projects and Real Estates.

As an entry fee for platform users accessing and using the products.


ELAND Token use as a mean of exchange for ERC-721 token standards to ensure that the NFT content representing real-world data is unique,  reliable and genuine and also that the transfer has been made from the right person, with the right token.


The Blockchain is immutable, thus ensuring the transaction history of digital items, the payment reliability through ELAND ERC20 token and the data security of the NFT token information.


ELAND Atlas is working on a Green and Eco-friendly crowdfunding concept using blockchain solutions for users to participate in those projects. The first step for companies and properties to be crowdfunded is to get verified and create tokens for specific real-estates.


ELAND ERC20 Token simplifies the transaction process as trust in both parties is built upstream, so that the remaining focus can be exclusively put on the exchange itself.

Smart Contract

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ELAND is known in the blockchain industry as a useful token integration into serious gaming, real estates IT, Blockchain, Mapping and Big Data applications. Also use for promoting, claiming, exchanging NFT tokens of real-world places it can be applied in many use cases. In one application, ELAND can be bought to acquire LAND IDs (ERC-721 tokens), tokens that digitally represent real estate on a blockchain-based layer of our planet Earth.

The ELAND blockchain protocol on the Ethereum network is making sure NFTs can secure data representing real-estates and be trusted thanks to technologies such as IPFS connection instead of the centralized cloud, which guarantee a higher level of privacy.

ELAND Tokens in Circulation

IT Development

Creating IT and blockchain solutions for real estate-based applications

Eland Atlas aims to push further the blockchain technology and IPFS integration onto the real estate sector while creating IT instruments to ease the process of adoption.

ELAND ERC20 utility tokens can also be used for many applications such as data, social media, or real estates sectors, as an entry fee participation for using website platforms and applications; or for registering data, as a fidelity reward, a mean of purchase for Non-Fungible tokens on NFT decentralized exchanges.

Interoperable Web and Mobile Applications

Interoperability will shape the future of the Internet. For the last decade, too many technologies have emerged: AI, IPFS, Blockchain and Big Data to name the most important.

The everyday challenge of Eland Atlas is to bridge the gap between those technologies while building useful mobile and web applications.

A token linking three technologies



Tokens (NFTs)

Building the Next
Land Registry Software

The future real estate platforms will enable the user to see real estates on a digital map and remotely manage them on-chain while storing decentralized data.

Eland Atlas is developing map software, representing a digital layer of all the existing land registry parcels available in the World.

For countries that do not have yet a formal cadaster,  our company proposes its services to build, in collaboration with governments and companies, the next generation solution for the real-estate registry system.

Powering the transactions, ELAND ERC-20 tokens will serve as a liquidity provider for purchasing the Digital Items mirroring the underlying real assets on those land registries.

The Agricultural Land Application

Creating Mapping and IT Solutions for Agriculture LAND Management

Agriculture land real estate is a market of more than 10 trillion USD. Disrupting farmland sector would enable millions of people to get involved in managing farmland. Building an interoperable application for mapping agriculture land is the first step towards the creation of an application that would allow people to own and manage parcels of land at distance.

From a production standpoint of view, users may also access full ownership and control over the production by tracing all the levels of inputs and outputs of chemicals applied to your soil. Going further than current « Farm to Fork » to « Land to Fork ».

Coming Application for Farmland

The Carbon Credit Reward

ELAND an Eco-friendly Token

The Carbon Credit Reward is a concept of distribution to real estate owners that are  eligible for this Carbon Credit Rewards. Holders will have to provide a certificate of its Energy Efficiency Rating and its Environmental Impact.

  • Pushing the whole Real Estate sector into the Green Economy: additionally we have conceptualized a new type of Carbon Credit Reward platform for Real Estates. EVERY Eco-friendly real estate digitalized on the World Metaverse will be rewarded in tokens to incentivize owners into transforming their property into eco-friendly places. More will be coming soon.

Initial Allocation

  • Etherland 20%
  • Agricultural Land Application 15%
  • Initial DEX offering 5%
  • Reserve 20%
  • Team and Advisors 10%
  • Users Rewards Reserve 20%
  • Carbon Credit Reward 10%
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